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My life is nothing special. Average boy with average life in average place. I spend most of my time fantasizing about things that are impossible and I find depressing the moment I go back to reality. I love girls. The perfect girl for me has to have a penis and no boobs. I love greenery and pictures about trees and roads. I love big cities. Wow! So much bullshit I haven't told anyone. Basically your journey through my "tumblr" can be resumed with three borderline amazing facts: 1. I use my "tumblr" to express things that I would never say or express upfront. 2. I love sex. I love men. I love sex with men. 3. I love arts. If you find yourself wanting to know more about me (something that I really doubt) feel free to hit me up with a question or comment and I will, gladly (Not really), take some minutes of my never ending time and answer. *My content is based on mood mostly, sometimes I'm horny, sometimes I'm romantic, but I'll always be authentic and genuine.* P.S. I always follow and I'm kinda friendly, so feel free to ask me stuff. :) NOTE: This is not a porn blog but I SOMETIMES REBLOG EXPLICIT IMAGES SO I TURNED ON THE NSFW OPTION. KIK: Skyclimber23 Instagram: Skyclimber23

what a sweet, sweet ass


what a sweet, sweet ass

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    Nice cock.